Essential Tips on Trellis Installation at Home

arched trellis structure

A trellis is an architectural frame structure that is often installed in the garden as a growing medium for climbing plants. Aluminum, bamboo, steel, nets, and even repurposed furniture are popular materials for the trellis. Read below to learn further about trellis installation!

Custom-Build Your Trellis

flat trellis overgrown by flowersAll house owners want their houses to be a personal statement that can represent their artistic taste. And the appearance of the garden makes up more than sixty percents of the house’s overall look. If your home has a garden that is poorly designed and decorated, the aesthetic value of your house will drop drastically. It will not be a good impression for your guests and property agents.

Erecting a trellis in the garden is only one way to beautify the garden. If not supported with other improvements such as landscaping, plant treatments, turfing, and highlighting, your trellis structure will not appear significant as it is supposed to be. People’s attention will be drawn toward the messiest part of your lawn.

In installing the trellis, you have two options: whether to go for the big structure or the smaller one. For the big ones, you can only have a few of them. One in the entrance path to your garden and the other in the exit path can be a good way to install the trellis. Regardless of the trellis’s types, you must prefer to custom-build them. A different garden needs different measurement. The size of your trellis must be adjusted with all of the elements in the yard.

Repurposing Waste Materials

climbing flower on trellisIf you have a bit of Do-It-Yourself spirit in you, then you can try to repurpose waste materials to create a trellis. Used tires, bed headboards, baby gates, and fishnets are the three junks that you can use. However, if the structure has protruding sharp edges, you have to bend or smooth them. You should remember that you want your garden to be a safe place for people to hang around.

Moreover, some materials cannot withstand outdoor weather. In that case, you may need to apply some additional weather-proofing coating to your repurposed stuff. You have to make sure that no rust or mold can grow on your trellis.

Knowing the Models of Trellis

wall trellisThere are seven popular trellis models: arched, flat, obelisk, fence, cage, twiggy, and wall. The arched model is best suited for garden entrance. The flat one makes a beautiful ornament to be placed in the corners. This model is also movable if you build the structure using light materials. The obelisk, fence, and cage models will fit small vines and shrubs.

The twiggy trellis may be brittle, but once the climbing plant grows on it, the structure will be well-supported. This is the most natural design that you can get from a trellis.

The wall model covers the sides of your wall that face the garden. It can create a verdant and lush look on your house. However, you have to waterproof your wall before you opt for this structure since the watering activity and the root’s growth can damage your building.